Barberini & Cabaret

Weaving through the cobbled streets and alleyways of Rome on a Lime e-bike is the best fun, and in this heat it’s cooler than walking because you get the breeze.


All the Caravaggio paintings are at the Barberini Gallery, it is the principal national collection of older paintings in Rome with Raphael, Filippo Lippi, Bernini, Borromini and many others, and it occured to me there was plenty of blood and gore in ancient times, sudden death was an everyday part of life.
That evening I found a last minute Jazz Club with singers performing the American Song Book that I enjoy, only 20 euro admission and a glass of vino for 8 euro in a part of Rome I had not visited before. The singers had incredible voices, huge stage personality and flair, and absolutely delivered – they sang traditional Italian pop songs and opera, quite a show.

Author: Tony Richards

This was originally a travel journal to share with family and friends but when home again it became a general blog about anything that came to mind – but now I'm travelling again, this time wandering the streets of Italy – do check in. Ciao baby!

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