The Cosmic Debris vinyl album.

Pressed and printed, and ready for posting.

All the vinyl is now shipping off to the various reviewers, record stores, friends, supporters and collaborators. There’s only one hundred hand-numbered copies available, and that’s it. I just listened to it all again (after listening to the tracks zillions of times in production and mixing). Still soooo happy with the result, plenty of ooomph in the mid/low range kick.

I’m calling it psychedelic funk because it has a free-jamming element to it. When played live it can go anywhere – very funky, very open and easy to  improvise on because many of the tracks are just two chord jams, or four chord jams – it’s easy . .   I’m looking forward to playing it loud and live.

The song that I hope will get some traction is called Floating In The Air. Here’s a link to the audio on Soundcloud  click on the link and have a listen.

And my favourite on the album is She Wants To Be, because its so slow at about 94bpm and that gives it such a deep earthy groove, real slow funk like Prince used to do. This track could be a perfect contender for a drum & bass remix – are there any producers out there who want the multi-track stems to have a play?

If anyone is a friend and receiving this blog and wants a copy, just email me.